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Jeff Shipman reapplies to build his hot mix asphalt plant

It looks as if 2021 will be a repeat of 2020. Jeff Shipman of SE Asphalt has reapplied for a conditional rezoning to build his hot mix asphalt drum plant on the northeast corner of Hwy 25 & Hwy 176 (exit 7) in East Flat Rock. The new application (Conditional Rezoning Request #R-2021-01-CD) is being submitted under the name of HS Shipman, LLC (a new LLC created by Jeff Shipman on August 26, 2020). According to an Air Dispersion Modeling Analysis conducted by Bunnell Lammons Engineering in Greenville, SC in August 2020, the proposed hot mix asphalt plant will have a baghouse approximately 3 and a half stories tall and [...]

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Is Henderson County encouraging another asphalt plant rezoning application?

On Wednesday, October 21, the Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to the Henderson County Land Development Code, three of which will make it easier to build and operate a hot mix asphalt plant on land not already zoned for industrial use. These three amendments, proposed by the Planning Department and found on pages 6-7 of the 2020 Annual LDC Text Amendments (TX-2020-01), would clarify resubmittal requirements for conditional rezoning applications, clarify the definition of a home school, and add a definition for separation setback. The Planning Board’s recommended changes are highlighted in red. Clarify Resubmittal Requirements for Conditional Rezoning Applications Summary: Conditional rezoning [...]

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Huge Victory: SE Asphalt Withdraws Rezoning Application

In a surprise move earlier today and just days before the Special Called Meeting on Thursday, October 1, Jeff Shipman of SE Asphalt withdrew his application to rezone a 6.5 acre portion of land located on the northeast corner of Highway 176 and US Highway 25 (Exit 7 on Highway 25) to a conditional district to construct a new asphalt drum plant. Without you, the future of East Flat Rock and Henderson County could look much different. We want to personally thank MountainTrue for being our fundraising partner and thank all the members of Friends of East Flat Rock who signed the petition, displayed signs in front of their homes [...]

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Foot on the gas! We’re not there quite yet.

Thursday night was a BIG win for us when our Henderson County Planning Board members recommended to deny Jeff Shipman’s application for conditional zoning after a 5-2 vote – but don’t celebrate too soon. While the planning board’s recommendation will help influence the final decision, the Board of Commissioners can still approve the Conditional District rezoning application when it comes up for vote at a later date (TBD) if they choose. For those following the county’s process, here are the results of the planning board vote: Recommended to Deny: Rick Livingston Bruce Hatfield Jim Miller, Jr. Jennifer Balkcom Steve Dozier Recommended to Approve: Blake Baird Hunter [...]

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Imagine hundreds of cars revving in a parking lot

In a strange twist this week, SE Asphalt published an air quality comparison showing the impact of its proposed hot mix asphalt (HMA) plant within the 4.3 square mile community of East Flat Rock. Attempting to compare their projected emissions to the all of the cars, trucks, and SUVs already owned by residents and driven in our community, they neglected to mention one small detail: those toxic emissions will be in addition to those produced by vehicles. In the process of making that comparison, they admit the proposed plant will emit: 3.9% of the Hydrocarbons (a polite way to say “toxic air pollutants”), 1.1% of the Carbon Monoxide, [...]

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

One of the few “arguments” we’ve continually heard from those who are in favor of a building a hot mix asphalt plant in East Flat Rock is that it will bring in new jobs and, therefore, stimulate economic growth in the county. But just how many new jobs will the proposed plant create? At first, it was 6-7 new full-time jobs. If you listen to Warren Sugg of Civil Design Concepts in Asheville, NC, during the Neighborhood Compatibility Meeting on June 8, SE Asphalt’s proposed plant will create 6-7 new full-time jobs. That’s with expected hours of operation “Monday through Saturday, approximately 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, no Sunday work, [...]

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Empty chairs. No one cares?

By now, Jeff Shipman, his mother Verna Shipman, or someone else with self-serving motives has probably contacted the Planning Board members to let them know only two people attended their "public meeting" on August 4 and that, even though many of us sign petitions and write letters opposing the plant, we're not sufficiently motivated to attend a meeting. We are motivated. We do care. The truth is, the US is in the midst of a pandemic and some people are uneasy – perhaps even terrified – to gather in large groups in confined spaces. Is it tone deaf of SE Asphalt to hold public in-person meetings during this time of [...]

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Let’s pack the house on August 20!

Unless you're socially distancing on a deserted island or a uninhabited mountain top (don't I wish), you probably know by now that Jeff Shipman's conditional re-zoning application to construct a new hot mix asphalt drum plant is the sole agenda item at Henderson County’s Planning Board Meeting on Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 5:30 pm. The Planning Department says there are currently no plans to offer an option to connect by phone or Zoom, so public comments will have to be made IN PERSON at the Blue Ridge Conference Hall on the Blue Ridge Community College campus (Technology Education and Development Center building, 49 East Campus Drive, Flat Rock, NC [...]

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