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Donate to help Friends of East Flat Rock say NO to the proposed asphalt plant!

Great news! MountainTrue has agreed to be our fiscal sponsor and is treating Friends of East Flat Rock as a coalition since alignment with their advocacy is so close. All funds will be accounted for separately from MountainTrue general funds.

To pay online, please make sure you enter “Friends of East Flat Rock” in the Honoree Name field after checking “I’d like to make this contribution in honor or in memory of someone.”

To pay by check, please make your check out to MountainTrue and write “Friends of East Flat Rock” in the memo line, then mail to:

121 Third Avenue West, Suite 1
Hendersonville, NC 28792

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Friends of East Flat Rock thanks our generous donors:

Lisa Alderman
Andrea Andersen
Susan Baker
Madeleine Kay Bar-Sadeh
Jeanette Bauer
Victor Behoriam
Shane Benedict
Michelle Benney
Nicole Benney
Christopher Berg
Theresa Blair
Lucas Blass
Doreen Blue
Adam Bowers
Barbara Bozon
Nicole Brantley
Linda McKinnish Bridges
Bessie Bright
Virginia Brown
Erica Bryant
Michael Burchfield
Sharon Burlingame
Camp Wayfarer
Susan Michelle Campbell
MeLani Campos
Kim Capps
Jane Capps
Jo Chambers
Linda Charping
Colleen Cluphf
Marshall Coleman
Anne Coletta
Brooke Collins
George and Ann Cornelson
Will Crafton
Rod Culbertson
Cultural Landscape Group
Karen Cuthbertson
David David
Ronnie Jason Davis (North River Farms)
Yvonne Decespedes
Carol Dembeck
Michelle Derr
Zoltan Desi
Megan Dillin
Ned Ryan Dolan
Linda Duncan
Diane Dunlap
Michael (Mike) Durkin
Christine Eades
Cindy Ellis
Deanna Ellis

William Farrell
Katharine Felder
Tom Fisch
Sophia Fowler
Linda French
Margaret Garnier
Robert Garren
Teresa Garren
Kenneth Gildner
Luda Goodrich
Steve Gospodinoff
Marci Grady
Patti Griffith
Steven Halford
Greg Halford,
Chris Harjes
Will Harris
Robert Heatherly
Christine Hicks
Beth Hill
Ron Hoffman
Janice Hoffses
Josh Houston
Michael (Mike) Huffman
George and Laura Ivey
Gloria Jaffe
Fred Jenkins
Nan Jennings
Beverly Stoney Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Lawson Johnson
Jacqueline Jones
Jenna Joy
Roland Joy
James Kirkpatrick
Randall Kroeck
Nicholas Ladd
Mary Lawrence
Peter Leonard
Mark Levin
Anne Maliff
Lee and Donna McCall
John McCormick
Michael McCurdy
Kaye McDonnell
Dennis and Sharon McGreevy
Susan and Tom McHugh
Connie McSwain
Pennie Melton
Michael Mijuskovic
Debi Miller
Bob Moffett

Betty Montgomery
Brian and Sara Mooney
Deborah Moore
Charlie Moreland
Michael Moreno
Jack Morgan
Laura Moynagh
R.D. Murphy
Shannon Nicholson
John Nix
Sean Ott
Grace H. Pace
Lois Pasapane
Russell R. Patteson
Janice Philbeck
Ellen Price
Stephen Raway
Bob Reamy
Ronald Redmon
Ellen Reed
Terri Reed
Joyce Reed
Roger Reed
Mary Jane Rice
Tom Robertson
Jamie Roper
Jean Ross
Linda Sance
Mike Santacrose
Missy and Sandy Schenck
Raymond Sharpe
Debra Smith
Miton Stewart
Lita and Daryl Stum
Samuel Summey
Catherine Taylor-Murray
Brenda and Dwight Templeton-Guy
Thomas Tennant
Maria Tennant
Michelle Tennant-Nicholson
Denise Tracy
Anne and Jack Vance
Judith Wagenhoffer
Donna-Jean Walker
Heath Ward
Linda and William White
Jimmie Lynn Whitmire
Judy Williams
Katie Woods
Sharon Young
Linda Zietlow
Barbara Zimmerman

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Donations are tax deductible.