In a surprise move earlier today and just days before the Special Called Meeting on Thursday, October 1, Jeff Shipman of SE Asphalt withdrew his application to rezone a 6.5 acre portion of land located on the northeast corner of Highway 176 and US Highway 25 (Exit 7 on Highway 25) to a conditional district to construct a new asphalt drum plant.

Without you, the future of East Flat Rock and Henderson County could look much different.

We want to personally thank MountainTrue for being our fundraising partner and thank all the members of Friends of East Flat Rock who signed the petition, displayed signs in front of their homes and businesses, attended public rallies online and at Orr’s Family Restaurant, donated money to cover legal and advertising expenses, and so generously gave much of their time and resources to help in our opposition against the proposed hot mix asphalt plant.

We also thank Mr. Shipman for recognizing during the course of this process that building an asphalt plant at that location isn’t right for the East Flat Rock community and for doing the right thing by withdrawing his application.

What’s next for Friends of East Flat Rock?

Our community of nearly 1,800 members on Facebook and more than 11,000 petition signers are standing by to notify each other and the surrounding the communities of issues as they arise in the future, with the intent to encourage a civil dialog when there is discourse, find common ground, and to always do what is best for the future economic development of East Flat Rock and Henderson County.